A Marjolo Case Study – Liberis

A Marjolo Case Study – Liberis
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Open Banking

Collaborating with our partners at Recombix, we deployed our Innovate Service and worked with Liberis to deliver process efficiencies and growth opportunities through the utilisation of Open Banking solutions. Our engagement supported Liberis in developing their future sequencing roadmap, and our high quality developers were able to turn their ideas into innovative business solutions. We focussed on:

  • Building a proof-of-concept that demonstrates the technical possibilities of the solution
  • Creating a secure environment that tested value assumptions and journey implications
  • Assessing business impact levels before they committed to any long-term investment

What we achieved

  • The development of an innovative Open Banking solution that was completely self-contained, creating portability and ease of transfer to the client at the end of the project for core business integration
  • A full impact analysis for product development; ensuring focus was given to frictionless experience, automated operation and new markets on the customer journey, application process, and API solution
  • Providing value add analysis, focused on further enhancing the customer’s journey, understanding where additional changes could be made to complement the implementation of new solutions

What they said

Marjolo’s business insights and technological expertise has enabled Liberis to enhance our processes, leading to a far superior customer experience. Supported by the opportunities presented by Open Banking, their solution presented us with the chance to grow, and better support, our customer base by making decisions quickly and providing funding to small businesses more efficiently.

We look forward to continuing to work with them to test and develop further ideas for business growth.’

Tim Greveson – Technology Portfolio Owner – Liberis

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