A Marjolo Case Study – Close Brothers Motor Finance

A Marjolo Case Study – Close Brothers Motor Finance
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A Marjolo Case Study

Delivering Rapid Strategic Architecture

About the Customer

A Marjolo Case Study – Close Brothers Motor Finance (CBMF) is an extremely successful business, achieving impressive profit margins over several years with a Head Office of circa. 250 people.

However, like many long-established businesses, CBMF understood that it must transform to maintain their market position and continue their growth; with new entrants to the market posing new challenges.

The Challenge

As CBMF moved towards a multi-year programme of transformation, it was essential that there was alignment between their IT investments and their business strategy. CBMF needed to address the following areas, critical to achieving a successful transformation:

1.     Create a technology target state – Joint working across siloed teams to create a joined-up view of the future of the business and an appreciation of the technology that is required to enable the transformation.

2.     Assess the current landscape – A review of the current technology estate to understand the level of technology change that is required.

3.     Produce a transformation journey – With the level of change expected to be undertaken in the coming years, there needed to be the right level of governance and change management put in place.


What we did

Having previously addressed the issues of functional silos across several organisations and delivered global IT transformations for our customers, we were confident that we could help.

With a small team, in a 6-week period, we reviewed thousands of pages of documentation, interviewed 20 plus people in multiple locations to create Architecture designs and recommendations grounded in what was real for CBMF.

To provide the right specialists, at the right time, we blended the team from Marjolo leadership, our Marjolo associate community and our partner Fifteen Design.

The six-week period provided five core products to meet the CBMF challenge:

Close Brothers Challenge
Products delivered
Create a technology target state
  • Business Capability Model
  • Technology Capability Model
Assess the current landscape
  • Technology Transitions
Produce a transformation journey
  • Transformation Journey
  • Roadmaps

These products provided the minimum viable design to establish a rough order of the cost, and time, required to successfully undertake the transformation. This information was then used to support the CBMF Board in assessing the viability of the investment decision.

What they said

Joe Soule (CIO CBMF) – “The real benefit of the Marjolo engagement was that it was tailored to the specific need of the organisation, and was backed up with high quality people focussed on great outcomes.”

Chris Bosworth (Head of Strategy CBMF) – “Marjolo quickly got to grips with our business and our strategy and were able to make a valuable contribution to our transformation plans in a limited period of time. The work they produced was insightful and of a quality you would normally only expect from a multi-national consultancy.”

Marjolo Case Study

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