Who Are Marjolo?

Marjolo are all about working with you for the benefit of

your business, your people and safeguarding for your business’ future.

Using innovative digital technology, best industry practice and

extensive dedicated expertise Marjolo challenges your business capabilities,

processes and culture to create a sustainable, aligned ecosystem.

Marjolo love to create positive disruption.

Marjolo constantly challenges its own industry and clients to spark change; maximising digital technology innovation and business capabilities to increase productivity, streamline processes, establish competitive advantage and build talent in your organisation without affecting service levels whilst delivering real savings and benefits.

Working with an agile, user-centric approach,

working as a partnership means we work stronger together in terms of

identifying the right solutions more efficiently

extracting value at every stage

focusing on great outcomes

ensuring rapid return on your investment

competitive advantage for your business

Partnering with Marjolo means discovering a pathway to align your business vision, culture and operations with digital technology innovation whilst managing risk and reducing complexity. 

Marjolo's unique proposition allows clients to securely & rigorously test the digital innovation opportunities identified during the 6-week engagement, ensuring smooth and speedy integration with current capabilities and measuring potential success and impact prior to full term investment being required.


By using an iterative approach to your Transformation Roadmap, value is added at every stage of the process, ensuring continuous drive to realise business aspirations.

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