Couch to 26 miles – Following Helen’s Journey

Couch to 26 miles – Following Helen’s Journey
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We Are All Together for Short Lives

Here at Marjolo, we are huge advocates of our family members going out their way to help a cause and support charities.  Kindness and generosity are things that we believe should be unlimited and be at the core of every organisation.

We fully encourage our family to take on new challenges, and we learned that Helen Gurney (one of our fantastic Associates), was about to take on a remarkable challenge.

At 39 years of age, she decided to attempt the 39th London Marathon through the Couch Potatoes to 26 Miles Challenge in aid of ‘Together for Short Lives’. They are a UK based charity, built to empower families who are caring for seriously ill children, with an ambition to build a strong and sustainable children’s palliative care sector. They ensure that no family is left behind.

To run the London marathon, you must complete the entirety of the race – over 26 miles! This is very challenging,  with many runners training for months in advance. It’s certainly not one to be undertaken by the faint hearted!

Through the challenge, Helen’s ambition is to raise over £2,000 all of which will go to supporting Together for Short Lives; enabling them to deliver valuable palliative care to families in need.

Helen is asking for your support, both in cheering her on and in raising such a lofty amount. Even the smallest donation or just being able to share her journey with others is such a huge help!

Nothing quite like a motivational story to liven up your day eh?

We’ll be following Helen’s Journey throughout her training and will keep you up to date every step (and there are many) along the way.

We caught up with Helen to hear more about why wanted to run the marathon and how far she has come on her journey and why it so important to raise funds for families and children in need.

Couch to 26 miles

  • When did you started your training for the marathon?  I started training at the end of January when I found out that I’d been successful in gaining a charity place. Together for Short Lives, the charity that I’m running for, provided me with a training plan. It’s mostly 4-6 mile runs in the evenings, Saturdays are the longer runs and Sundays consist of the cross trainer for an hour. I was mindful that I sit all day at work and do not do much exercise, so was pleased that the training broke the goals down into manageable distances and gradually works up to the longer runs.
  • Why did you want to do this? – I’m turning 40 this year so wanted to run the 39th London Marathon at the age of 39! Plus, it’s such a wonderful event that when Autoglass advertised in their magazine that they had a charity place available, I just could not pass up the opportunity to be part of something so special.
  • What your motivation is to get and do it each day Wanting to get fit for 40 was definitely a motivator. But also, running for the charity is getting me through it, thinking of the children and their families and giving them the opportunity to make the moments they have left count and to help make special memories.
  • Tell us more about the charity that you’re running for and the fundraising target you’re trying to meet? I need to raise a minimum of £2000 for Together for Short Lives. It’s a charity that provides palliative care for children with life shortening illnesses as well providing support for their families. As a mother, it felt like a particularly poignant charity.  This is their biggest fund-raising event of the year and they have approximately 11 people running for them. I read somewhere that the London Marathon raises over £1bn for worthwhile causes – a phenomenal amount of money.
  • What’s the length of the marathon and how close are you to achieving this ? The run will take place on 28th April and is 26.6 miles. I’m currently up to 12 miles and have a friend running with me on Saturday when we’ll do 16 miles.  I’ve got lots of friends and family coming to support me on the day which will be amazing. I’m so excited that people want to get behind this and experience it with me.

You can follow Helen’s Journey through our regular video updates

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