What's In It For You?

Marjolo understands that ‘digital innovation’ can be a minefield of ‘techie’ language, create a fear of upheaval and ideas of costly investments.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s exactly where Marjolo are unique.

Marjolo is all about your success,

because when you & your business succeeds, we succeed.

Once you decide to work with Marjolo, you can relax knowing that we will deliver

  • Business Stability

    We work with your people to support them through the digital transformation journey, growing your talent bank, working with a cohesive & collaborative approach driving positive change for a common goal; your business objectives and vision.

  • Fully Informed Decision Making

    With a tailored and robust roadmap of digital transformation opportunities to generate sustainable growth in terms of turnover and profit, and clarity of your current business maturity, you can make more highly informed decisions knowing every opportunity & element has been thoroughly analysed, optimised and prioritised.

  • Market Leadership

    We will ensure you get & stay ahead of your competition through creative, positive disruption, industry-leading expertise, insights and state of the art digital transformation toolkits.

  • Clear Investment Requirements

    Clarity upfront of the investment and impact involved in reaching your business’ full transformation success, giving you the highest confidence in committing to the next level, Capex sign-off and resource commitments.

  • People Focused Solutions

    We know that your people are one of the most critical elements of your business being a success, which is why we put them first. By seamlessly integrating with current resources, we work together to ensure buy-in, understanding and ownership.

Whether it’s needing to find sustainable growth opportunities,

demonstrate greater financial results for shareholders or wanting to get ahead of the competition, that’s exactly what Marjolo will be working towards too.

By forming a partnership with Marjolo, your business benefits from:

  • Future Safegarding

    By questioning every element of the current and future business, capabilities and business maturity, risk is minimised upfront via our rigorous sprint test process, maximising impact and results and creating a sustainable and robust business for the future.

  • Competitive 


    Using the latest best model practices, our industry expertise and knowledge, compounded by a straight forward templated approach results in rapid delivery, market impact and true sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Smart Integrated Teams

    Working together, alongside each other, as one team, we provide you with access to our specialist teams tailored to support your business in digital transformation preparation, delivery and ongoing adoption, working towards giving you full ownership and freedom.

  • Expert Knowledge & Innovation

    With 50+ years of industry-wide expertise & specialist sector focus, we work with an impartial view, fact, insight & proven best model practice, aligning digital innovation opportunities with your business vision, culture and capabilities to up-skill & empower, giving you control.

  • Visibility

    We work with a true cost transparency approach up front to ensure clarity and visibility around the level of investment needed in terms of finance, people and Capex, saving your business time, money and resource by allowing you to see in to your business’ future prior to full investment.

In short, with Marjolo you get digital solution innovation mapping to transform your business,

keeping you in control.

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