Marjolo may not be a big consultancy but that doesn’t make them any less effective

in getting your business to where you want it to be.

In fact, it can mean they are more efficient, integrate into your infrastructure more easily

and gain results more quickly.

Based across the UK, Marjolo has a mix of permanents consultants, trusted associates and great partners who offer additional or specialist support depending on what your business requires.

This means greater flexibility in the size of the team, specialism and extent of support giving you peace of mind and confidence that any change will happen smoothly, without impact on service levels and within budget.

Marjolo's specialist areas are:

Marjolo has a continuous improvement approach to ensure market-leading status in terms of

digital innovation, business analysis and people expertise.

Their teams boast expertise that covers business analysis, Lean and ISO accreditation and arguably the best technical consultants in the UK (if not internationally!), making Marjolo the perfect ‘practical and realistic futurists’ to take your business forward in terms of sustainable innovation for a more secure, growth future.