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A fast-paced 6-week engagement journey aligning your business vision & objectives with digital innovation, resulting in clarity around current & future business maturity, a transformation roadmap identifying innovation opportunities and the process involved to achieve your business aspirations.


Reconfigure your business around your customer, break free from inherited legacy and capitalise on emerging opportunities discovering new sources of economic values.

You will be presented with comprehensive decision-making information aligned with best-practice industry models, workshop engagement with your people and our in-depth expertise to guarantee assurance and confidence when starting out on your transformation implementation journey.

The result is a tailored digital innovation pathway detailing costs, opportunities and timings to deliver your business future state digital architecture and the totality of organisational change required to realise the future vision and resilience for the future industry landscape.

Executive teams at organisations like Autoglass have used the Discovery journey to inform key digital transformation decisions.




Blueprints, Proof of Concept and short sprint testing are utilised to map out your digital transformation and deliver greater clarity on cost, rate of Return on Investment, delivery outcomes, minimised risk and managing resource, all without negatively affecting the vital elements of your business: service level & people.

Additional support at this stage encourages cultural acceptance, empowerment, employee wellbeing, future stability and cost, time & financial efficiencies. This approach explores the current and future maturity of each aspect of the organisation and identifies the steps needed to develop this level of maturity.

This part of your journey may well be the most impactful in ensuring your business is transformed with speed, efficiency & effectiveness, delivering the outcome required & building talent teams within the organisation.

Transform is the route organisations like Liberis have used to harness the Open Banking opportunity and assess technical feasibility.

Telefonica executive teams engaged to analyse and asses key digital transformation decisions.



Complement your business capabilities with teams of talented specialisms to deliver quality outcomes and sustainable results. 

We carefully search for and select associates & partners who will complement our services and add value to meet our clients' needs.  By working with this structure we can be flexible in terms of the support needed for every client journey.

We have a formidable talent pool available to complement your existing people resource who will empower and encourage in-house control at every stage, making it truly your business transformation.


By supporting your transformation, we can help change the current ways of working, leverage the power of data, technology &, of course, people, creating a new super-effective eco-system.


How you use the Marjolo talent is ultimately your decision; however, be assured that we will be here to support you at every phase as much as you need us. 


The Marjolo Architecture specialists include Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts and Solution Architects.  The more technical specialists include Service Designers, UX Designers, Process Architects, Adviser/Consultants, Full Stack Developers and Specialist Developers.



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