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Stick Shift

The automotive industry is, and will continue, to change.



Not only are there seismic developments in the technology and innovation designed into the vehicle on the road, the very nature of car ownership and maintenance is shifting.​

Car owners and maintainers expectations are evolving both in their expectations of supplier interactions and the levels of service that are expected.  There is an ongoing challenge for manufactures to address the complete life-cycle of their products and how this can be achieved without economic disadvantage. This will continue to become more complex as new technology components are introduced in the vehicles. ​

The impact of digital engagement throughout the customer journey

is impacting all industries.



The threats and opportunities cannot be ignored with disinter-mediation and re-intermediation happening at pace throughout the market.  


This is proving hard for legacy businesses who are unable to effectively address the physical-digital intersection.  The UK consumers have rapidly adopted digital technology which exerts pressure on the whole supply chain.​

The wider market context cannot be addressed without a reference to Brexit.  It is inevitable that this will effect the automotive industry significantly due to cross border, cross country, and cross regulation aspects of global supply chains.​

Transformation Route


Use a focused project within the organisation, to test new ideas and explore the option for digital transformation. 


Where the transformation is constrained by a shortage of highly skilled internal specialists, Marjolo provides the talent pool required. 


Obtain a clear transformation road-map, created in six-weeks, to define the journey required to achieve the ambitions of the organisation. With clearly focused outputs.

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