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Business Process Optimisation

Own your processes, grow your business

The Marjolo Approach

Define processes and identify where any inefficiencies lie

"Map at the speed of conversation!"

Understand and standardise  complex processes​

Achieve and demonstrate compliance


Save money and resourcing through process optimisation and automation


What are the steps?
What data is needed - where, and by which roles?



Accountability and



Determine critical

handover points


We are RPA platform agnostic, with many years experience of helping our clients with their process optimisation and automation projects.​


Benefits of RPA include:


  • Significant capital cost savings​

  • Ability to effectively manage increasing process volumes​

  • Reduction in data error​

  • Increased safeguarding of sensitive information​

  • Improved customer service​

Hands-on with experience of multiple varied toolsets including UI Path, Celonis, Kryon, Qfiniti, Microsoft Power Tools, and Blue Prism.

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Who have we worked with?

We have wide experience working with a range of small, medium and large enterprises.

Here's just a few examples of our past Process Optimisation clients. 

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Robotic Process Automation

Understanding your Processes

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