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Use a focused project within the organisation, to test new ideas and explore the option for digital transformation. 


Where the transformation is constrained by a shortage of highly skilled internal specialists, Marjolo provides the talent pool required. 


Obtain a clear transformation road-map, created in six-weeks, to define the journey required to achieve the ambitions of the organisation. With clearly focused outputs.

Industry Quote


'Marjolo’s engagement delivered their expert knowledge and helped enhance our Target Operating Model.

Their guidance was essential, not only highlighting areas where we could improve internally, but also in identifying our critical touch points with future suppliers. This has enabled us to become a far more intelligent customer when approaching external markets for supplier services.

Marjolo’s advisory services brought their deep, cross industry experience, which challenged our thinking and delivered quality and actionable insights. Thanks to their support, we are now able to act upon this and feel the benefits throughout our organisation.'

Nathan Burden - Director Solutions Delivery 

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