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Financial Services

Ducks Over the Lake

The financial industry is rapidly evolving. In many organisations; , the legacy estate has not yet caught up with the digital surge.


How is it possible to maintain what has been built, whilst bridging the gap to tomorrows future?


Today, the financial industry faces many challenges, including protecting the existing customer base from being ‘wooed’ away by new competitors. This needs to be aligned with the demands of digital-savvy generations, who are always after something different.

Fundamentally, it is all about people.



Evolution must answer the needs of today’s customers, whilst providing the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the next generation …. and the next ……. and the next!


Digital innovation should be supporting not just those that will transact digitally, but also those that want to transact with a person.


There is a fine balancing act at play - moving to a digital future, whilst keeping existing customers happy and fulfilled.

Transformation Route


Use a focused project within the organisation, to test new ideas and explore the option for digital transformation. 


Where the transformation is constrained by a shortage of highly skilled internal specialists, Marjolo provides the talent pool required. 


Obtain a clear transformation road-map, created in six-weeks, to define the journey required to achieve the ambitions of the organisation. With clearly focused outputs.

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