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is an outcome based service delivered by certified Microsoft professionals.

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Maximise365™ is our Microsoft 365 consulting service providing analysis, design, training, and technical expertise. Our aim is to maximise the ROI that our clients achieve through their use of M365. We deliver at 3 levels to drive business efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and ensure that our clients deliver the maximum possible benefit out of their M365 platform.

Microsoft 365 is ubiquitous and has become the mainstay for business, personal, and educational productivity purposes across all types and sizes of organisation. The M365 platform is constantly evolving, delivering additional capabilities on almost a weekly basis. Implemented successfully, it enables people to work efficiently and collaboratively. When designed in alignment to the strategic needs of the organisation, it will continue to add real value.

However, things are not always easy, people can end up frustrated and organisations don’t see the value that they expect; this is where the Maximise365 service from Marjolo comes in.

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