At Marjolo we count people as our most valuable assets as they are central to our joint success.  And that's not just about our employees, but also about the partners and associates that we work with.

Meet The Team

Dave King Smiling Cropped.png

With a wealth of experience in helping organisations rethink their strategy and operation by starting with redefining their overall vision, Dave has spent the last ten years working to help organisations across the Public Sector, Finance and the Logistics industry.

Dave has been instrumental recently in developing a 2020 Operating Model for a large Public Sector Department, challenging current thinking and completely remodelling their commercial and finance structure. Prior to this, he worked with the team tasked with turning around a global logistics company at risk of closure.

Dave also brings hands-on experience of introducing appropriate business process transition options in the public sector.


Mario is a highly experienced IT leader and has joined us as CIO and Head of Client Engagement to lead Marjolo Solutions, our professional services division. Mario has worked extensively across the private sector, including many global financial services, retail, travel, and various other organisations.


He has worked his way up the IT ladder from mainframe operator up to Programme Director, giving him great insight and the ability to "speak the same language" as our clients. 

Mario has been actively involved in IT and Change Delivery consulting for a number of years and can see the needs of others through his experience across 30+ years in IT. 

Matt Wilding Smiling Cropped.png

An experienced leader who builds key senior relationships through understanding, defining and representing the differing, and unique, requirements of individuals within a business.

Matt brings over ten-years’ delivery experience from complex government change programmes, including welfare reform, strategy development, policy, management information and digital transformation.

Able to work across industry, Matt uses his strong analytical skills to determine a Board’s aspirations and challenge their strategic plans. Defining objectives before leading activity to ensure the delivery of a shared vision; bringing actionable ideas to life.