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Key Digital Trends for 2020

It’s Still All About The People

A recent article in, by Daniel Newman, highlighted 10 top digital transformation trends for 2020, referencing some core technologies that will change the digital technology landscape with gusto.

However, in addition to pure ‘tech speak’ opportunities, there are some clear business-first aspects that are also noted to be vital in creating sustainable business growth and delivery on stakeholder expectations. One of which remains user and customer experience.

Daniel notes:

User and Customer Experience: As digital transformation success is intimately tied to user and customer experience(UX/CX), that emphasis will continue to drive business investments in digital transformation. On the one hand, this is especially true as organizations increasingly transition from building internal competencies and improving efficiency to executing on their vision. On the other, improvements in connectivity (5G, WiFi 6), compute capabilities (cloud, edge, machine learning), smart automation (RPA, AI), and intuitive user interfaces (conversational AI, gesture analysis, AR) will combine to make 2020 an inflection point for UX and CX across a breadth of industries ranging from retail and hospitality to transportation and healthcare.’

Whatever your industry, your customers & users remain your most important asset, after your people.

Let digital technology innovation fit your people and maximise your customers’ & users’ experience by leading with your business first and moulding digital innovation opportunities to complement an aligned strategic pathway.

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