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Marjolo – Commercient: CRM/HR/Accounts Integration Partner

Marjolo are delighted to welcome Commercient as our mutual Partner for CRM and ERP system integrations!

As our integration partner, Commercient will work closely with Marjolo’s teams to develop innovative and simplified integration solutions for our clients, ensuring seamless bi-directional integration of data between your CRM, ERP, and Accounts platforms.

Commercient’s integration capabilities encompass a broad range of platforms and systems, including providers such as Amazon, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, Salesforce, SAP, and many, many more. Through the synchronisation of data across key business platforms, we can ensure that our clients access accurate and up-to-date information, for real time reporting and informed decision making.

With proven success delivering and implementing effective CRM, HR, and Finance data integration, Marjolo are delighted to be working closely with Commercient to offer end-to-end data solutions for our clients. Whether clients are an SME taking advantage of our SME Transformation Services, or a larger client looking to improve their use of new/existing systems, Marjolo and Commercient in partnership are able to develop powerful integration solutions. The objective is to drive system efficiency to deliver accurate real-time data management, and to support effective business processes.

For all information regarding your integration solutions, or to hear more about our Business Intelligence Services, please contact

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