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Marjolo – Salesforce Consulting Partnership Announcement

Marjolo are delighted to announce that we are an official Salesforce Consulting Partner!

Salesforce are the world’s leading CRM provider, offering a range of products that allow businesses to manage all of their customer and sales data in one place, and provide a 360 degree view of customer information across company departments and divisions. Salesforce aim to unite cross-functional teams and provide a unified view of the sales process, to enhance decision making and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Marjolo utilise Salesforce as a strategic business delivery platform ourselves, meaning that we are ideally placed to effectively provide related services to our clients. Marjolo are able to work closely with your teams to ensure that you are following CRM best practices, and leveraging industry leading Salesforce technology, to enhance and optimise your Sales processes.

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Marjolo are well placed to support you with the development, implementation, and integration of your Salesforce products.

Our CRM related offerings include:

  • Solution design

  • Implementation services

  • System integrations

  • Admin as a service

  • Continuous improvement

  • Development cycles (agile/sprint based)

Interested in hearing more about our Salesforce services and success stories? For all information regarding our CRM Services, or our SME Transformation Services, please contact

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