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Marjolo Solutions - Consulting Practice Appointment

We are delighted to announce that Angus Sim has joined the Marjolo family as our Consulting Practice (BPM) Director.

Angus brings a wealth of knowledge and specialist skills to Marjolo in the world of Business Process Management (BPM), based on his many years of practical experience. We are excited at the prospect of bringing Angus’s hands on approach to delivering process excellence to our clients (past, present and future).

The establishment of a BPM practice is a natural evolution for Marjolo given the growth and success we have seen in the business critical areas of process management and process automation. At present we are supporting many major clients in Public and Private sectors to drive standardisation, transparency, process efficiency, and operational effectiveness.

Angus is expert with the innovative Skore BPM platform, over the last 18 months Angus has worked with Skore, delivering successful client adoption through a focus on client success and building networks of best practice via the Skore community platform. He believes that for companies to reach their potential in the digital age, mapping their processes to create a live digital model of their business processes is absolutely essential.

His appointment strengthens the strategic partnership we are delighted to have with Skore. Chris Green, CCO and Partner Director with Skore stated “This excellent appointment further builds on our many years of close partnership with Marjolo, and having worked closely with Angus over the last two years, this looks like a perfect fit!”

With a growing client base and a strong set of complimentary service offerings, 2021 has seen huge growth for Marjolo. To get in touch and start a conversation

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