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Marjolo Solutions - Consulting Practice Appointment

We are delighted to announce that Erica Hodgson has joined the Marjolo family as our Business Change Consulting Director.

Erica brings extensive experience in the dynamic field of Business Change. Her unique mix of innovation and thought leadership in this mission critical discipline enables us to implement the best of business strategies, change adoption, and communication approaches, into any transformation programme. This combination makes her a true asset for both Marjolo and our expanding client base.

Marjolo's new Change Management practice is a logical extension of its’ services, given the opportunities that businesses and organisations face today. The current state of world affairs, technology advances, and the evolving industry trends in HR, workforce training, economic development, and organisational growth and sustainability, make this a welcome addition for us. The universal, cross-industry need for Business Change Management means that Erica and her team can support all clients, in both the Public and Private sectors, to deliver process efficiencies, operational effectiveness, and improved scalability.

Erica's proven professional track record, alongside her tireless efforts to educate and advance Business Change Management as a critical operational toolset, compelled Marjolo to offer this discipline. She will be spearheading our business change practice with a growing suite of Business Change Management services, in what we see as a natural extension to our core services, and our drive for organisational, people, and process excellence.

To learn how enhanced Business Change can increase your organisational efficiencies, profitability and growth, get in touch and start a conversation

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