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Microsoft 365 - Maximising your ROI

Microsoft 365 is ubiquitous and has become the mainstay for business, personal, and educational productivity purposes across all types and sizes of organisation. Use of Microsoft Teams specifically has soared during 2020, meaning an extensive uplift in new M365 users, often out of necessity deployed at pace and without some of the usual analysis and planning that is typical with End User Computing rollouts.

The M365 platform is constantly evolving, delivering additional capabilities on almost a weekly basis. Implemented successfully, it enables people to work efficiently and collaboratively. When designed in alignment to the strategic needs of the organisation, it will continue to add real value.

Maximise365™ is our outcome based service delivered by certified Microsoft professionals representing Marjolo, a Microsoft Approved Partner.

There are 3 versions of the service:-

Healthcheck & Hotfix - Assess implementation, utilisation, ensure awareness around available tools, and identify and deliver quick wins. Typically, a 1-3 week engagement

Discovery & Deliver - Investigation and analysis of M365 usage across the organisation. Identification of training, and delivery training sessions. Typically, a 2-6 week engagement

Assess & Address - Incorporates Healthcheck and Discovery outcomes, with extended end user training delivery, plus administration uplift and additional consulting deliverables. Typically, a 10-12 week engagement.

The service is based on specific and timebound outcomes around an extensive variety of M365 capabilities such as M365 deployment security, SharePoint setup and standards, Power Automate solutions, PowerBI outputs, and many more!

Our experience is that our clients often seek support with their end user computing strategy, business case development, and delivery roadmap. We also provide ongoing comprehensive implementation services via our expert consultants and valued partners.

What are your experiences around use of M365? We would be pleased to hear your thoughts.

Mario Del Grosso

Marjolo - CIO

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