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Skrum – How can Businesses Deal with Rapid or Unexpected Change?

Is your business suffering from post-pandemic growing pains?

Are you struggling to adapt to the complex change your business is facing?

Marjolo are delighted to team up with Skore for the upcoming event Skrum – How can Businesses Deal with Rapid or Unexpected Change?, where we hope to provide guidance as to how you can better manage your change and your processes through technology.

Our Business Change expert Erica will be a member of the guest panel alongside Azets Jonathan Hall, providing insight into the power of process. Understanding your processes is a crucial first step in highlighting the causes of the complexity you are facing, allowing you to pinpoint pain-points, outline your inefficiencies, and identify opportunities for optimisation. Using Skore, it is easy to manage and maintain your processes, and develop innovative solutions tailored to the change your growing business is facing.

For further details, or to register for the Skrum, please go to, and to discuss Business Change, Business Process Management, or all things Marjolo, contact us at

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